With Super Bowl 51 just days away it’s time for bettors to start figuring out their prop bets for the big game. For prop bettors the Super Bowl is like Christmas, as it delivers multiple betting options before, during, and after the game.

Before the game kicks off bettors can start padding their bankroll by betting on the coin toss and the national anthem.

The coin toss is a simple 50/50 bet on either heads or tails. The odds on both are the same at -105. You can throw your own coin up in the air to decide or try and use some coin-toss trends. The last three Super Bowls have all had the coin toss come up tails. Tails also has had a slight advantage in Super Bowl history, coming up 26 out of 50 times.

This year’s national anthem singer is Luke Bryan. If you’re not a country music fan you may be wondering “who?” Even if you don’t know who Luke Bryan is you can still cash in on his rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner.

Right now there are four national anthem props available, including will Luke Bryan wear a hat before singing (Yes +150/No -200), will he be wearing jeans (-250) or another kind of pants or shorts (+170), and will he mess up the anthem by omitting or forgetting a word (Yes +400/No -700).

The most popular national anthem prop is the length of the anthem. For Bryan, the over/under has been set at two minutes and nine seconds. For comparison’s sake, he sang the anthem at the MLB All-Star Game a few years ago and came in at two minutes and three seconds.

Non-football fans may be tuning in for the halftime show featuring Lady Gaga. If they are they can still bet on halftime props. The most popular halftime show prop every year is guessing the first song. The favorite for Gaga is Edge of Glory at +200. Also making the cut are Bad Romance (+250), Born this Way (+500), Poker Face (+1000) and Just Dance (+1000). Any other song would come in at +130. You can also bet on Gaga’s hair being blonde (-400) or any other color (+250).

After the game, the winning team’s head coach will get the annual Gatorade shower. If you can predict the color of the liquid you can cash in. The co-favorites this year are clear/water, yellow and orange all at +300. Last year the Denver Broncos doused Gary Kubiak in orange Gatorade.

In the last 10 Super Bowls orange has been the most popular color and has been dumped on the coach four times. In those 10 games clear/water was dumped twice, while purple, yellow and blue each took their turn once. In Super Bowl 47 there was no Gatorade shower.

The rest of the Gatorade odds available this season include green (+350), blue (+500), red (+600), and purple (+1200).