Super Bowl props came into prominence back in 1986 when NFL bettors cashed in big on William “The Refrigerator” Perry scoring a touchdown in Super Bowl XX at 15-to-1 odds or higher as the Chicago Bears crushed the New England Patriots, 46-10. Ever since then, sportsbooks in Las Vegas and around the globe have been finding new ways to bet on the biggest NFL game of the season, with hundreds of prop bets available and more added every year. Whether you are lucky enough to get Super Bowl tickets or watch it on television like millions of others, betting it has arguably become bigger than the game itself.

There are generally two different types of prop bets available with Super Bowl betting involving both teams and players. However, other popular Super Bowl props you can wager on revolve around singular events happening in the big game, such as the coin toss, if there will be a safety, and if there will be overtime. The safety prop in particular has become a favorite of Super Bowl bettors, who can often get up to 9-1 on “yes” happening.

Super Bowl team props are also fun to bet on and include everything from alternate point spreads and totals to the number of sacks or interceptions each side has or both have combined. Similar to the yardage total player props, these team props tend to last a lot longer because the final results are not known until the end of the game, giving bettors plenty of time to earn their wins – or delay their losses.

However, props are no longer limited to Super Bowl betting. Many sportsbooks now offer prop betting before the NFL regular season begins and throughout the year to accommodate the ever-growing interest. There are team props including Regular Season Win Totals that involve picking “over” or “under” a designated number for each team set by the sportsbook. Some football bettors even choose to shop around for different numbers, both high and low, in an effort to “middle” what they project to be the final tally of wins. You can also bet on whether or not you think a team will make the playoffs or pick the team you think will finish with the worst record.

Of course the stipulation for these types of props is that you need to hold on to your betting tickets for at least four months before you can cash them. The same goes for NFL player props covering regular season individual leaders in different statistical categories, including passing, rushing and receiving.

In addition, some offshore sportsbooks actually allow you to bet on who you think will win NFL awards this year, including MVP, Rookie of the Year and Comeback Player of the Year. These award-type bets are not allowed in Vegas sportsbooks because they involve voting, which is why they also prohibit wagering on entertainment awards such as the Oscars and Emmys.

And one prop nobody wants to be a part of – who will be the first coach fired this season?