Super Bowl Betting Guide

The Super Bowl is easily the biggest single-day sports betting event in the world with the Kentucky Derby following far off in the distance. There are countless betting options available for the Super Bowl each year, including futures, straight bets, props, and live in-play betting.

To take advantage of all the options and to understand how they work, our Super Bowl 56 betting guide featuring explanations and examples is a great tool. The most popular forms of Super Bowl bets include:

Super Bowl Betting Guide

Super Bowl parlays – full list of hundreds of Super Bowl parlay bets you can make today

Super Bowl point spread and total – LA opened as 4-point favorites, see the current odds here.

Super Bowl Coin Toss – this seems like a 50-50 proposition, but are there advantages? Learn more.

National Anthem Props – How long will it take? Will the singer miss any words? History of every rendition.

Halftime Show betting – Its Famous Rapper Heaven on stage? Which song will open the set?

Super Bowl Commercials – which TV ads will appear first? Dozens of fun Super Bowl ad bets to make.

Super Bowl Props – Who will win the MVP? Will each QB throw an INT?  See them all.

Bettors are also able to combine several wager legs into one Super Bowl parlay bet or a teaser bet, which drastically increases your risk and evidently the payout.

The thought of trying to pick between the top two teams in the NFL battling for the Lombardi trophy can be a stressful one, and not only that – bettors must select which types of bets are of value to you for that specific match up. If you’re new to betting on football or betting the Super Bowl, this betting guide will be of great help to you.

Online sports betting is growing more and more common as the number of online sportsbooks grows. Many online sportsbooks have great bonuses, competitive odds and convenience for your Sunday night Super Bowl bets without having to leave your home.

Super Bowl Betting Guide

Our experts will break down each betting type and explain the basics of each Super Bowl wager, and how you can benefit from placing that bet. There are plenty of opportunities to get in on the action for Super Bowl LI, so brush up on your betting knowledge and start placing your wagers.

Straight Bets: