Super Bowl Moneyline Betting

Betting the Super Bowl moneyline is a great place to start for new bettors. It is definitely the most basic wager you can make in sports betting, and the easiest betting type to find on online sportsbooks.

You don’t have to worry about the Super Bowl point spread – all you are focused on is who will win the game.

Super Bowl Moneyline Betting

When considering Super Bowl moneyline betting, you will take a look at both teams, and decide which one will become the Super Bowl champion. Understanding the odds is still important, as it affects your winnings, but if you select the underdog and win, you could be looking at some serious winnings.

And since underdogs have enjoyed a run of success, the moneyline provides even more value because you get a bigger payout by betting the underdog. It’s another one of the great things about Super Bowl moneyline betting.

To put it into context, we will use an example from Super Bowl 50:

Carolina Panthers -180
Denver Broncos +160

The odds tell us that the Carolina Panthers were the favorites (-180) and the Denver Broncos were the underdogs (+160) heading into the Super Bowl. Essentially what the odds mean is that if you placed a $180 bet on the Panthers to win the Super Bowl, and were correct, you’d win $100.

If you took this bet last year – we’re sorry for your loss. When betting the favorites, you are betting the minus amount to win $100 profit.

If you placed a $100 bet on the Broncos to win, you’d win a $160 profit. Essentially, if the underdog wins, which the Broncos did last year, you would receive your initial wager ($100), along with your winnings ($160) for a grand total payout of $260.

The odds are usually fairly close in the Super Bowl as both teams are highly skilled, but there is always an underdog and a favorite, so even though the odds may not pay out much, it’s still more money than you started with.

There are plenty of online sportsbooks that offer Super Bowl odds, and it’s important to line shop for the best price, especially for the Super Bowl. Do your research, and make sure you’re getting the best juice for more winnings.

Now that you’ve heard the basics about betting the moneyline, head to our Super Bowl sportsbook reviews page and browse a list of our top-rated sportsbooks!