Bet On Super Bowl 53 Props Reviewed

super bowl coin toss odds

The overload of Super Bowl 53 props has been delivered by the sportsbooks, giving bettors the opportunity to bet and make money on almost everything that happens before, during and after the big game.
The first shots at making some money on the Super Bowl are the pre-game prop bets such as the coin toss and national anthem.

Bet the Super Bowl 53 coin toss

Let’s start with the coin toss. It’s a 50/50 chance, taking either heads or tails. At Bovada Sportsbook both pay -105. Last year, the coin showed heads breaking a four-year streak of tails. In Super Bowl history, it’s been tails 27 times and heads 25 times.
But is it really 50-50? How did the NFC win 14 straight Super Boss coin toss results between Games 32 and 45? How come the Super Bowl coin toss winner has lost 10 of the last 15 games?
And what about the Patriots in the Super Bowl. In five games when they lost the toss, they won the game. In three games they won the coin toss, they lost. [ BET THE SUPER BOWL 53 COIN TOSS NOW ] 

National Anthem Props with Gladys Knight

Moving on to the national anthem props, this year’s Star Spangled Banner will be sung by Gladys Knight. The oddsmakers have set the over/under for the time it takes her to belt out the song at 1:45, with the over favored at -140 and under paying even money.
For comparison last year Pink took 1:53 to sing the anthem and it’s gone over 1:45 in 10 of the last 11 years. You can get the total lower (about 1:45 at if you think the version will go over, you might as well get the best number).
Other national anthem props include will Gladys Knight forget or omit a word from the anthem and will any player take a knee during the anthem. Knight messing up the anthem like Christina Aguilera did in 2011 isn’t expected as a yes on that prop is a +300 underdog, compared to no at -500.
The oddsmakers aren’t expecting anyone to do a Kaepernick and kneel either, with no kneelers at -700 and someone taking a knee at +400.

Gatorade shower prop betting odds opened

Another popular Super Bowl prop is the color of the Gatorade shower dumped on the winning coach at the end of the game. This Super Bowl tradition doesn’t happen every year, but it did last year when the Eagles covered Doug Pederson in yellow Gatorade.
The favorite color this year is green/yellow at +300. That’s followed by orange at +300, blue at +375, red at +400, clear or water at +400 and the big underdog, purple at +1,000. In the last 10 Super Bowls the most popular color was orange, which got dumped on the coach four times.

Super Bowl Halftime Show odds

If you’re tuning into the game for the Maroon 5’s halftime show there’s props for you as well. The over/under for the number of songs sung during the show has been set at 7.5 with both sides at -120. Guessing the first song Maroon 5 sings could be quite lucrative if they go with something unexpected.
The favorite is “One More Night” at +300, while older tunes like Moves Like Jagger at +600 and This Love at +1,500.