Brady holds upper hand in Super Bowl 52 quarterback props

Super Bowl 52’s quarterback battle may leave a lot to be desired, but you can still cash in on the wide range of quarterback props for Tom Brady and Nick Foles at the sportsbooks.
Not surprisingly, in almost all of the quarterback vs quarterback props, Brady is the favorite. Let’s start with the most passing yards prop where Brady has been given a 25.5-yard spread to cover. Even with the spread, he’s still a -155 favorite, while Foles is a +125 underdog.
In the postseason so far, Brady put up 337 yards against the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round and he followed that up with 290 yards against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the conference championship. Foles’ playoff numbers include 246 yards against the Atlanta Falcons in the divisional round and 352 yards against the Minnesota Vikings in the conference championship. If he can come anywhere close to matching his NFC title game performance, he might be worth taking a flier on here.
The next Brady vs Foles prop is pass attempts. Here Brady has a four-pass attempt spread and is a -150 favorite. Foles is listed at +120. Looking at their playoff numbers again, Brady attempted 53 passes against Tennessee and 38 against Jacksonville. Both are higher than the 36 pass attempts per game he averaged during the regular season.
Foles had 30 pass attempts against Atlanta and 33 attempts against Minnesota. That falls in line with the 30 pass attempts he averaged as a starter during the regular season. Brady looks like the clear choice here even with the spread.
If there’s a pass attempts prop, you know there’s also going to be a pass completions prop. On that prop, Brady has a spread against him again, this time three completions. With the spread Brady is a -130 favorite.
In the playoffs Brady completed 35 passes against Tennessee and 26 against Jacksonville. Foles had 23 against Atlanta, and he matched Brady in the conference championship round with 26 completions against Minnesota. Their regular-season numbers tell a different story, as Brady averaged 24.1 completions per game, while Foles as a starter averaged only 19.2 completions.
Other Brady vs Foles props available include touchdown passes, first touchdown pass and first interception. For touchdown passes, Brady has a 0.5 spread and is a -150 favorite. In the postseason so far, Brady has five touchdown passes to Foles’ three.
On the first touchdown pass prop, Brady is a -175 favorite and Foles a +145 underdog. This could depend more on which team gets the ball first. The underdog odds on Foles could be worth it if they end up winning the coin toss and get first crack at scoring.
The first interception prop is the only one where Foles is favored at -150. Coincidentally, neither quarterback has thrown an interception in the playoffs yet.