Donald Trump Super Bowl Props

Love him or hate him – and it seems like there are 150 million Americans in each camp – Donald Trump generates passionate response and makes headlines.
So on Super Bowl Sunday, did we really expect he – and oddsmakers for that matter – would be ignored and not part of the conversation? Of course not.
The list of Donald Trump Super Bowl props is impressive for Super Bowl 54 in Miami. Just Bovada and Betonline alone list more than a dozen unique ways to bet for or against the controversial president.

What are the best Donald Trump Super Bowl props?

If you think you may read some of the same tweets from Trump on Feb. 2, remember that Feb. 2 is Groundhog’s Day. So repeating oneself is to be expected. How many tweets will he make on that day? Will he tweet during the game? Will he attend the game?
Will he thank Fox – his favorite channel due to its friendly coverage but also the home of Super Bowl 54 – during his scheduled TV ad? Which will be higher – the longest reception during the game or his approval rating on Monday?
These Donald Trump Super Bowl 54 props are available at Bovada.
Total Donald Trump Tweets On February 2nd?
Over 13.5 +120
Under 13.5 -160
Will Donald Trump attend the game?
Yes +300
No -500
Will the Super Bowl winning team visit the White House?
Yes -220
No +155
Which Commercial Will Appear First? – Donald Trump Or Michael Bloomberg
Donald Trump -300
Michael Bloomberg +200
These Donald Trump Super Bowl 54 props are available at
Will Donald Trump call winning coach after the game?
No -1000
Yes +500
Will Donald Trump sing along to national anthem?
No -300
Yes +200
Will Donald Trump tweet “latinos” after the game?
No -1000
Yes +500
Will President Trump predict winner before kickoff?
No -1000
Yes +500
Will President Trump tweet during the game?
No -200
Yes +150
Will Donald Trump’s commercial say “Super Bowl”?
Yes -200
No +150
Will Donald Trump’s commercial thank Fox?
No -1500
Yes +700
Which will be higher?
Yardage of longest reception -200
Trump approval rating on 2/3/20 +150
Total times will Michael Bloomberg’s commercial says Trump
Over 2 Trump -120
Under 2 Trump -120