Fashion statements make wacky prop bets for Super Bowl 52

The Super Bowl, the busiest day of the year on the betting calendar, has once again delivered a long list of wacky and wild prop bets. If you had the time, and the bankroll, you could probably place enough prop bets to make almost every play, announcer comment or camera shot win or lose you money.
You can start the prop betting before the game even begins. When New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick heads onto the field, you can cash in on the color of his shirt. The oddsmaker has posted a prop on what color Belichick’s shirt will be at kickoff, with blue heavily favored at -150, followed by gray at +150, red at +1000 and white at +1000. At the AFC championship game, he wore a blue hoodie, and at last year’s Super Bowl his shirt was also blue.
Where the cameras end up during stoppages in play can also make or break your bankroll. Tom Brady’s famous wife Gisele Bundchen will undoubtedly be at the game again this year and there’s a prop on how many times she’ll be shown during the broadcast. The OVER/UNDER was set at 1.5 with the OVER favored at -150. You can also bet on how many times Patriots owner Robert Kraft will be shown (OVER/UNDER 2.5 with the OVER a -200 favorite), and how many times Carson Wentz will be mentioned during the broadcast, with the OVER/UNDER set at 3.5.
This year’s halftime show features Justin Timberlake and even if you’re not a fan of JT, you can still make some scratch on some halftime prop bets. Starting off the prop bets is what color will Timberlake’s shoes be when he begins his performance. There’s a rainbow of colors to choose from with white favored at -120, followed by black at +200, brown/beige at +700, blue and green, both at +1000, red at +1200 and yellow the underdog at +2000.
You can also wager on whether any of Timberlake’s old buddies from ’NSYNC will make an appearance, Yes at +200 and No at -300. And, since Timberlake’s last appearance at the Super Bowl led to Janet Jackson’s “Nipplegate” fiasco, you can also wager on how many times the words “wardrobe malfunction” will be said. The OVER/UNDER on that was set at 1.5.
One last prop bet, which also happens to be one of the most popular, is betting on the color of the traditional Gatorade shower on the winning head coach. The oddsmakers have picked lime/green/yellow as their favorite this year at +225. You can also get orange at +300, red at +400, clear/water at +400, blue at +400 and purple at +1000. Last year there was no Gatorade shower, as the Patriots’ Belichick avoided the traditional bath due to the game ending suddenly in overtime. Historically, there have been 15 Gatorade showers at the Super Bowl with a three-way tie among clear, orange and purple for the lead with four each.