Fun Super Bowl Props Make Big Game Accessible for Everyone

ERF-544_BOS_NFL Futures_January 31, 2014The Super Bowl is fast-approaching this weekend, not that you didn’t already know that given the media attention the big event always gets this time of year. More than just an opportunity for the SuperBowl online betting community to weigh in on which conference champion they think has the better chance of taking home ultimate bragging rights, the game marks an historic celebration with which any sports fan, casual or otherwise, can get involved.
That means rather than just worrying about whether Peyton Manning and the Denver Bronco’s will be able to nullify Richard Sherman’s defensive presence for the Seattle Seahawks by simply targeting their plethora of receiving options and avoiding the dominant cornerback or which of Pete Carroll and John Fox has the upper hand in the Xs and Os department, spectators can focus on other things too.
Things like how long the National Anthem, sung by Renee Fleming, will be. Super Bowl odds say that there’s a better chance the patriotic display lasts less than 2:25 (-160), but we’ve seen too many sporting events in the past where singers take it upon themselves to stretch every syllable.
Fans can also bet on whether Knowshon Moreno will cry during the anthem. The running back, of course, went somewhat viral after shedding a tear – or rather unleashing a torrent of tears – during a regular season matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. At this point, +170 SuperBowl betting odds say he does so again.
There also exist Super Bowl lines for how often various nicknames and catchphrases are used during the big game broadcast. How many times will Manning yell Omaha? The odds are -135 that’ll be more than 27.5. How often will we hear Beast Mode? The sportsbook says less than twice, but it has become somewhat of a cultural meme that’s come to represent Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.
Sports fans and bettors will also get the chance to bet on whether Russell Wilson’s baseball-playing past will be brought up during the game and even whether it’s Pam Oliver or Erin Andrews who appears on TV first after kick off.
Betting on the SuperBowl, however, just wouldn’t be the same without being able to bet on the Super Bowl half time show as well. That’s why props exist for everything from whether any member of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers will go shirtless during their performance to what exactly Bruno Mars will wear on his head when he takes the stage.
If you’re curious, oddsmakers currently lean in favor of a bare-chested band member (-150 odds), while a trusty fedora is still the popular choice for Mr. Mars (-150). A tuque, in contrast, could yield a significant +500 payout.
The best part is, in addition to all of the above, there exist countless ways of betting on the Super Bowl. You don’t have to be a time-tested football guru with plenty of SuperBowl betting tips to enjoy the biggest game of the NFL season, but a basic knowledge of fedora trends might come in handy.