Betting on Super Bowl 56

The Super Bowl is, for all intents and purposes, the biggest sporting event on the planet. Oh sure, the FIFA World Cup is longer and the Olympics are more global but, in terms of a one-day sporting extravaganza that captivates a remarkably large audience, nothing beats the good, ol’ Super Bowl.

A big reason for all the hype surrounding the game also stems from it being arguably the biggest sports betting event on the planet. No single event gets more action than the Super Bowl and, thanks to great advancements and innovation in the world of oddsmaking, more and more types of bets are created each year, from props to futures, exotics to point spreads.

So, want to know how to bet on the 2019 Super Bowl online? Follow these instructions…

Find a Safe Place to Play

Bovada – $250 Bonus – Best for USA Players
Bodog – $250 Bonus – Best for Canadian Players

This is relatively simple, though three methods stand out above the rest. The first is to find a buddy, or buddies, and get in a wagering pool. Simple, but the stakes tend to be pretty small. The second is to head to a gambling mecca like Las Vegas or Atlantic City but, again, there are issues. Travel can cost a fortune, not to mention lodging and tickets to see Penn and Teller or whatever.

The third, and probably best, is to wager online. It gives you the best of all worlds – that live, big Vegas feel with the accessibility of betting from home. If you do go this route, you’re going to need an online sportsbook. And for that, we have a few good recommendations – Bovada and Bodog. For North American players looking to get in on the Super Bowl, these are probably your best options. (Specifically, Bovada is available to US players while Bodog is open to the Canadian market.) They’re innovative, efficient, up-to-the-minute with news/notes/updates and constantly looking for new ways to wager on the big game. They have the biggest selection of props that we’ve seen online plus mobile and live wagering too. Want to throw down some cash on who will win the coin toss? Bovada and Bodog have you covered.

Think you know exactly how long it’ll take the national anthem to be sung – right down to the second? Bovada and Bodog have you covered. Are you pretty confident the QB will throw for over 300 yards? Yeah, you know what comes next.

Find Your Kind of Wager

The next step is to decide what kind of bet you want to place. For the 2019 Super Bowl, you can go old school and stick to traditional football betting methods, like point spread, over/under or straight-up win/loss.

For those looking for a little more, try prop bets (a wager made regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence during a game) or betting on Super Bowl futures (think you can predict who’ll win February’s big game in October? Throw down a Super Bowl futures wager.)

As mentioned above, there are other cool and unique ways to bet. Bodog and Bovada are way out in front when it comes to wagering on exotics like the coin toss, anthem or halftime show, or even how often a random celebrity will show up on television via a crowd shot.

Want to get more info on betting? Check out our Betting Guide for more details on the basics and our News section for all your latest betting strategies.

The Best Thing About Betting on the Super Bowl?

Anyone can win. You don’t have to be a football genius or a mathematical wizard; all you need to get started is a basic understanding of how sports betting works. Take a few moments to look at our site, and in those few moments, you can learn more about Super Bowl betting than most NFL fans will ever know.

What happens next is up to you. The more you know, the more money you can win and the more fun you can have. And, as always, play responsibly or don’t play at all.

Now, are you ready for some football?

Choosing the Right Sportsbook for Super Bowl

If you’re going to bet on the Super Bowl, you’ll need an online sportsbook (or “book” for short) to take your bet. The book is to sports betting what the stock market is to investing: the place you go to do business. In this case, the place is a website where you’ll find a list of games and betting odds. You’ll need a certified and reliable sportsbook that earns strong reviews from the betting community; we recommend Bovada for customers in the United States and Bodog for customers across the globe. Read on for in-depth reviews and instructions to help you get started.

Super Bowl Odds, Props and Futures

You can’t have sports betting without the odds. These are the numbers the book uses to do business, and just like share prices on the stock market, they go up or down to reflect who’s betting on which teams. We’ll tell you more about the different betting lines you’ll encounter, from the basic spread to reverse bets and sweetheart teasers. We’ll also tell you about the different ways odds are represented – from American odds (+500) to fractional odds (5-1) and everything in between. Learn more on Super Bowl Odds.

A prop bet (short for “proposition bet”) is a simple and fun way to bet the Big Game. Some props are “either/or” in nature, like whether the opening coin toss will land heads or tails, or whether the National Anthem will take over or under a certain length of time to complete. These have become the two most popular Super Bowl props on the menu. Other props have multiple potential outcomes, like who will be named Super Bowl MVP or which player will score the first touchdown. Learn more on Super Bowl Props.

Making a futures bet is a great way to keep the football juices flowing all year long. It can be profitable, too. The Super Bowl betting futures market is open all year long, so make your Super Bowl futures pick now!