NFL Super Bowl Betting: Handicapping Tips for the Big Game

When it comes to betting the NFL and especially the Super Bowl, it is good to keep things simple.
The more time a player spends on parlays, teasers, pleasers and other exotic type wagers, the more they are losing focus when it comes to making the daily plays. Truthfully it is hard enough to pick an ATS winner but trying to pick two is even more difficult.
There is nothing worse than actually picking a winner then still losing the bet because you combined it with another play.
Veteran handicappers agree that when it comes time to bet the Super Bowl, concentrate on straight wagers.
Spread It Around
There is more to life than just betting the spread. Many players have found a tremendous amount of success wagering on totals. Finding an over/under bet pays just like a spread wager and is sometimes easier to hit than choosing a side. With this year’s Super Bowl being played indoors at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, weather will not be an issue but injuries and coaching strategies could be. Keep an eye on everything football related and tune out the rest of the noise that will be emanating from the big game.
Sometimes oddsmakers will create a spread that is right on. So rather than take a 50/50 chance at betting the spread, take a look at wagering on the moneyline. You will pay some extra juice with favorites, but you can find some excellent value. You do not need to cover the spread, you just need them to win.
Super Bowl Stock Market
Personally I do not play the stock market, but I’ve been told that it is like wagering on sports. Analyzing trends is essential in the Wall Street world and is critical when betting sports. Some trends are worth considering while others are irrelevant. Make sure to do your homework and factor in trends when finalizing your 2013 Super Bowl bets.
Super Bowl Betting System
Any system that gives players even a slight edge against the house is worth mentioning. This one is easy to use and involves just three easy steps.
Go against any team that did not cover the point spread in their championship game.
f both teams covered the spread in their Conference Championship games, bet on the team with the highest number of straight up wins entering the Super Bowl.
If both teams have the same number of wins, bet on the underdog.
The system record is 27-17-2 ATS.
Super Bowl Trends
Picking a Super Bowl winner SU or ATS is never easy and a look at the past 10 NFL Championship games bares that out. BYB did some digging and came up with these precious gems.
Favorites who won SU and ATS: 3
Favorite who won, but failed to cover: 3
Underdog wins: 4
Over: 4
Under: 6
Once again, the oddsmakers are showing us just how good they are, when it comes to setting the line.