With no news, other than a huge deal for Patrick Mahomes, and with possibly no preseason, very little changed in the past few weeks in NFL futures.

But the one thing that DID change managed to change a lot. The New England Patriots got a bunch of money behind them when they were 25/1 and now sit at 12/1 over at Bovada.lv’s sportsbook. The signing of Cam Newton and some salary restructuring seem to have spooked oddsmakers that Bill Belichick can work his magic again, even without Tom Brady.

The Kansas City Chiefs, led by the aforementioned Mahomes, remain atop the Bet On Super Bowl 55 odds listing at +600. That is 6/1 odds for those unfamiliar with the moneyline version of odds.

Right behind them are the Baltimore Ravens at +650, the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints at +900 and +1000 respectively. Then the Patriots, way up to 12/1, followed by the Dallas Cowboys at +1600. Three teams are clumped together at 20/1 – the Eagles, Colts and Seahawks.

With Covid-19 continued to spread like wildfire across America, planning for an NFL season still seems a bit hopeful. We will get a better idea in a few weeks when the MLB abbreviated season opens and the playoffs for NBA and NHL get moving. If those leagues can get it right – and safe – it will be a big step for the NFL.

Check out the current list of Super Bowl 55 future odds below and watch for updates as news breaks at Bovada.

Bet On Super Bowl 55 Odds

Kansas City Chiefs +600

Baltimore Ravens +650

San Francisco 49ers +900

New Orleans Saints +1000

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000

New England Patriots +1200

Dallas Cowboys +1600

Indianapolis Colts +2000

Philadelphia Eagles +2000

Seattle Seahawks +2000

Buffalo Bills +2200

Pittsburgh Steelers +2200

Green Bay Packers +2400

Tennessee Titans +2800

Cleveland Browns +3000

Minnesota Vikings +3000

Atlanta Falcons +3500

Arizona Cardinals +4000

Chicago Bears +4000

Denver Broncos +5000

Los Angeles Chargers +5000

Las Vegas Raiders +5500

Los Angeles Rams +6000

Detroit Lions +6600

Houston Texans +6600

Miami Dolphins +8000

New York Giants +9000

New York Jets +9000

Carolina Panthers +12500

Cincinnati Bengals +15000

Washington Redskins +15000

Jacksonville Jaguars +20000