Twas the week before Week 1 and all through the sportsbook, the bettors weren’t moving the Super Bowl futures line, and neither was the House.

OK that’s lame, but as we approach the 2020 season, NFL futures remained static for a second week. Its noteworthy because typically preseason games, holdouts and exhibition game injuries have affected the odds to win the next Super Bowl.

Not so in 2020, where the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs and defending league champion Baltimore Ravens remain clear favorites at +600 and +650 respectively.

As per the last update two weeks ago, the 49ers, Saints and Buccaneers are all around 10-1 with the Patriots at 12-1 and Cowboys possibly real good value at 15-1. There is a cluster of six teams right around 20-1 and then the longer shots settle in at 30-1 and longer.

Of those, expect the Houston Texans to make an early-season jump if they can knock off the Chiefs in the season-opening Thursday Night game.

The projected bottom feeders have also remained unchanged with the Panthers, Jaguars, Bengals and the Washington Whatevers as the bottom four, all in the range of 150-1 to 200-1. Good luck with that.

Odds to win Super Bowl 55 (Sept. 2, 2020)

Kansas City Chiefs +600

Baltimore Ravens +650

San Francisco 49ers +900

New Orleans Saints +1000

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000

New England Patriots +1200

Dallas Cowboys +1500

Seattle Seahawks +1800

Indianapolis Colts +2000

Buffalo Bills +2200

Green Bay Packers +2200

Philadelphia Eagles +2200

Pittsburgh Steelers +2200

Cleveland Browns +3000

Los Angeles Chargers +3000

Minnesota Vikings +3000

Atlanta Falcons +3500

Chicago Bears +4000

Tennessee Titans +4000

Arizona Cardinals +4500

Houston Texans +4500

Las Vegas Raiders +5500

Denver Broncos +6000

Los Angeles Rams +6000

Detroit Lions +7500

Miami Dolphins +8000

New York Giants +12500

New York Jets +12500

Carolina Panthers +15000

Cincinnati Bengals +15000

Washington Football Team +15000

Jacksonville Jaguars +20000