Saints, Steelers fall; Cowboys, Rams rise

rams vs saints betting

The thumb injury to Drew Brees meant a thumbs down to New Orleans Saints Super Bowl odds this weekend.
New Orleans dropped from 8-1 to 18-1 on the Bovada odds to win Super Bowl 54 on the news that Brees would be sidelined 6-8 weeks.
We don’t have a clever segue into the elbow injury suffered by Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger, but suffice to say the Steelers odds are falling as well.
The Steelers were 26-1 after Week 1 and 50-1 today after it was announced that Big Ben would miss the rest of the season after elbow surgery.
Still all the movement in the top third of the Bet On Super Bowl futures page did not impact the two teams at the top. New England actually shortened their odds atop the table at +333 with a predictable 43-0 blowout at Miami. Meanwhile the Kansas City Chiefs locked into the #2 slot at 7-1 with a huge second quarter to beat Oakland Sunday.
The Rams climbed to 8-1 from 12-1 with another solid victory (and knocking out Brees) while the Cowboys moved to 2-0 and climbed to 12-1 from 15-1 a week ago. Atlanta rebounded from a terrible Week 1 with a sketchy home win over banged-up Philly and climbed to 30-1 from 40-1.
The rest of the table is below, courtesy of Bovada.

Super Bowl 54 Odds
New England Patriots +333
Kansas City Chiefs +700
Los Angeles Rams +800
Dallas Cowboys +1200
Green Bay Packers +1200
Chicago Bears +1600
Philadelphia Eagles +1600
New Orleans Saints +1800
Baltimore Ravens +2000
Cleveland Browns +2000
Minnesota Vikings +2000
Los Angeles Chargers +2200
Seattle Seahawks +2200
Houston Texans +2500
San Francisco 49ers +2500
Atlanta Falcons +3000
Buffalo Bills +5000
Pittsburgh Steelers +5000
Tennessee Titans +5000
Carolina Panthers +6000
Detroit Lions +6000
Indianapolis Colts +6000
Jacksonville Jaguars +10000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +10000
Arizona Cardinals +15000
Denver Broncos +15000
New York Giants +15000
New York Jets +15000
Oakland Raiders +15000
Cincinnati Bengals +25000
Washington Redskins +25000
Miami Dolphins +100000