Sportsbooks Post OVER/UNDER Win Totals for 2015 Season

The top eight teams with NFL O/U Win Totals listed at nine or higher for the 2015 regular season all at least achieved those posted numbers a year ago. Of course with so much parity and turnover in the NFL, there are obviously no guarantees that past successful campaigns will carry over from one season to the next.
With so many new playoff teams every year, even the few consistent carryovers like the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots – who have made the postseason a remarkable 12 times in 14 years – are known to struggle at times.
The Patriots did not even make the playoffs following their first Super Bowl win in 2002 or immediately after they completed the only perfect 16-0 regular season in NFL history, which eventually ended in disappointment with a 17-14 loss to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII.
This year, they face more uncertainty due to a four-game suspension for future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady due to his role in the Deflategate scandal. Without Brady during the first quarter of the regular season, New England could struggle to win more than 10 games for the ninth time in 10 years. Then again, the team won 11 games with Matt Cassel under center when Brady tore his ACL in 2008.
Regardless, going OVER NFL Win Totals is easier said than done despite being a popular play for square bettors, and that is exactly why most sharps like to look for teams that they think will go UNDER the number instead. For example, the NFC East champion has won 10 games or less four of the past five years, with the Dallas Cowboys (12-4) serving as the exception last season.
The Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles are expected to compete against each other for the division crown again this year with each team’s Win Total at 9.5, and both of them topped that number in 2014. But what are the odds they do it again in 2015, especially since Dallas has not gone to the postseason in back-to-back years since 2007?
Ironically, the only team to finish with less than 10 wins and win the division during that recent stretch was the Giants (9-7 in 2011), who went on to upset the Pats in the Super Bowl for the second time five years. Following is a complete list of NFL O/U Win Totals for the 2015 regular season . . .
Green Bay Packers – Over/Under 11
Indianapolis Colts – Over/Under 11
Seattle Seahawks – Over/Under 11
New England Patriots – Over/Under 10½
Denver Broncos – Over/Under 10
Dallas Cowboys – Over/Under 9½
Philadelphia Eagles – Over/Under 9½
Baltimore Ravens – Over/Under 9
Arizona Cardinals – Over/Under 8½
Atlanta Falcons – Over/Under 8½
Buffalo Bills – Over/Under 8½
Carolina Panthers – Over/Under 8½
Cincinnati Bengals – Over/Under 8½
Houston Texans – Over/Under 8½
Kansas City Chiefs – Over/Under 8½
Miami Dolphins – Over/Under 8½
New Orleans Saints – Over/Under 8½
New York Giants – Over/Under 8½
Pittsburgh Steelers – Over/Under 8½
Detroit Lions – Over/Under 8
San Diego Chargers – Over/Under 8
St. Louis Rams – Over/Under 8
Minnesota Vikings – Over/Under 7½
New York Jets – Over/Under 7½
San Francisco 49ers – Over/Under 7½
Chicago Bears – Over/Under 7
Cleveland Browns – Over/Under 6½
Washington Redskins – Over/Under 6½
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Over/Under 6
Jacksonville Jaguars – Over/Under 5½
Oakland Raiders – Over/Under 5½
Tennessee Titans – Over/Under 5½