Super Bowl 47 Summary: Sportsbooks Show a Profit on Super Sunday

BOS Super Bowl PropsIt turns out that Super Bowl 47 was the most heavily bet Super Bowl ever thus becoming the most heavily wagered upon NFL game in the history of sports betting.
Preliminary data from the Nevada Gaming Control Board shows that a record number of $98.9 million dollars was bet on Super Bowl XLVII at land-based casinos. The amount bested the previous high of $94.5 million in 2006 when the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Seattle Seahawks. Exact numbers from online sportsbooks were not immediately known.
There were rumors that sportsbooks would take a pounding as a result of the Ravens winning and the over cashing. Those reports were inaccurate, and the Nevada books actually won $7.2 million on the game. It was the highest winning percentage since 2010 when the Saints beat the Colts giving the books 8.3% cash back. It marked the 20th time in the last 22 years — and sixth year in a row — that casinos profited on the Super Bowl.
Prop Payouts
For the second year in a row, a safety took money from the books and placed it squarely into the player’s pocket. Last year, a safety on Tom Brady started the Super Bowl with a 2-0 score. This year a safety produced the final points of the game. It is safe to say that odds will be adjusted in a downwardly direction for future two-pointers.
Here is a partial list of some of the props that paid at least +150.
Will there be a safety?
Yes +900
Will the game be decided by exactly three points?
Yes +350
Will there be a special teams or defensive touchdown?
Yes +165
The last score of the game will be?
Any other score +175
Total TD passes by Joe Flacco?
Over 2.5 +270
Will Joe Flacco throw a touchdown pass in the first quarter?
Yes +200
Will the Ravens score in all four quarters?
Yes +250
Will Ed Reed intercept a pass?
Yes +400
What will Colin Kaepernick throw first?
Interception +195
Will Colin Kaepernick throw a TD pass in the third quarter?
Yes +200
Will Colin Kaepernick score a touchdown?
Yes +155
Will the 49ers score in all four quarters?
Yes +220
Player to score the first touchdown of Super Bowl XLVII?
Anquan Boldin 9/1
Player to score the last touchdown of Super Bowl XLVII?
Colin Kaepernick 10/1
Pick the final score for the Baltimore Ravens:
34 points 15/1
Pick the final score for the San Francisco 49ers:
31 points 12/1
Total points scored in Super Bowl XLVII:
61-65 points 8/1
Margin of victory in Super Bowl XLVII:
1-4 points 9/2
Last scoring play of Super Bowl XLVII:
Safety 75/1
Total touchdown passes by Joe Flacco:
3 TD passes 11/4
Total touchdown passes by Colin Kaepernick:
1 TD pass 7/4
Total gross passing yards by Colin Kaepernick:
301-320 yards 12/1
Total completions by Colin Kaepernick:
16 completions 10/1
The unofficial final numbers indicate that of the 300 prop bets priced at +150 or higher, less than 25% actually cashed.