Super Bowl Betting: NFL Favorites Continue ATS Streak

Betting the NFL Playoffs
Joe Public does it again.
NFL bettors who ‘squared up’ on wild card weekend went 4-0 ATS as the favorites covered in all four wild card games.
Houston (-4) began the bookmakers blitz beating Cincinnati 19-13 in what was the closest game of the weekend. The Packers (-10.5) pounded the Vikings 24-3, Baltimore (-7.5) blasted Indianapolis 24-9 and the Seahawks (-3) routed the Redskins 24-14. Seattle was the only road team to come away with a victory. Incidentally all four games played under the total.
When Squares Become Sharps
Bettors love backing the “over” and “favored” teams such as the Broncos, Patriots and Packers. Those three teams were part of a historic day, historically bad for some sportsbooks, who saw the underdogs finish 2-10 ATS.
So why are the players having more betting success this season? Many sportsbooks say that players have more accessibility to resources than they had 10 years ago. Most bettors spend hours on the internet learning as much as they can before placing a wager. They say that knowledge is power and at the moment bettors have the power.
Should we expect the square trends to continue? It is always a good idea to remember that the past does not necessarily predict the future.
In a study of playoff games between 2006 and 2011, favorites covered 26 times while the underdogs took it to the teller on 29 occasions. Favorites of a touchdown or more were 8-8 against the point spread. During the same five-year span, 25 games went under the total and 29 played to the high side.
Super Bowl Betting
With so many new players becoming part of the online sports betting community, it helps to review the wagering options for the NFL’s biggest game. Super Bowl bets are many and varied with fans having dozens of choices from point spreads to props, totals to teasers.
Point Spreads – This is the most popular bet of them all. Your job is to determine which team will cover the number. If the spread is New England -3, than the Patriots have to win by at least four points. If they win by three points it is a push, and if they win by two points or fewer, it is a loss. If you get the Packers +3, you win your bet as long as Green Bay does not lose by more than two points.
With a moneyline (straight-up) bet, you are only wagering on which team will win the Super Bowl. There’s a favorite and an underdog, so odds are attached to each side to keep betting even on both sides. For example, if the Patriots were the underdog, you might win $2.20 for every $1 wagered; meanwhile, those betting on the favored Packers might only win $1.60 for every $1 bet.
An estimated $10 million dollars will be wagered on the 2013 Super Bowl, which is set for February 3 in New Orleans, Louisiana.