Super Bowl Betting: Prop Bets Reach New Heights in Popularity

Divisional Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v San Franciso 49ersHow did we ever live without the Prop bet?
In the first Super Bowl, nearly 50 years ago, you could bet on the game. That was it. There was no “what color is Vince Lombardi’s tie?” or “how many times will they mention Bart Starr?” In the first NFL title tilt, it was about the game and nothing else. Fast forward to Super Bowl 47 and more people than ever are talking about Prop bets. In fact, they have surpassed the point spread, moneyline and total in terms of betting popularity.
Experts now say that almost 40% of the handle on the Super Bowl comes from Proposition wagers. The normal bet amount ranges from $5 to $25, and most recreational bettors make anywhere from five to eight small bets.
There are an infinite number of Prop bets. Here are a few that should generate some lively conversation at your Super Bowl party.
*The number of times “Harbaugh” will be said during game: over/under 21.5
This one seems like a clear choice to go over because we have already heard it a million times this week.
*How long will it take Alicia Keys to sing National Anthem: over/under 2 minutes, 15 seconds
She is a singer who loves to hold her notes. This should be an easy over, but keep in mind that Christina Aguilera’s over/under from a few years back was roughly 1 minute 54 seconds.
*Will Alicia Keys be booed? Yes, +500
Though one might say, who would dare boo Alicia Keys? However, singers that decide to put their own spin on the national anthem often get a less than warm reception.
*If Ray Lewis is interviewed on TV after the game on the field or in the locker room, how many times will he say “God/Lord”? over/under 3
Lewis can overdo it with the number of shout outs to the man upstairs. I’m taking the over.
Get your Props Online
We all love to talk about and analyze the props, but they are not available everywhere. If you are one of thousands of people making the trip to Las Vegas for Super Bowl XLVII, do not be bummed when you fail to see them on the board.
Online sportsbooks like Bovada and Bodog make the news every year by coming up with these popular props – they are definitely Prop leaders in the industry.
Most fans do not realize that the only chance to bet on them is online. In Las Vegas, the Nevada Gaming Commission forces oddsmakers to insure that exotic Prop bets be connected to on the field performance. If it is passing yards, rushing yards, the first quarter score, first team to score a touchdown, etc. then it is okay.
Crazy about Colin
49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is already the star of the game. He is the subject of over 100 Prop bets including:
Colin Kaepernick first pass will be:
Complete (-185)
Incomplete (+165)
*Interception is incomplete.