Super Bowl LIII Odds: Saints Marching on Updated NFL Futures

Super Bowl LIII odds

The New Orleans Saints have dramatically improved their Super Bowl LIII odds after taking down the previously-undefeated Los Angeles Rams last week. New Orleans has marched to +500 on the Super Bowl futures after sitting at +650 a week ago. That makes them equal to the New England Patriots, also at +500, and just behind the Rams, who’ve dropped to +350.
The Saints have now won seven straight, which includes back-to-back wins over the other top Super Bowl contenders from the NFC, the Rams and the Minnesota Vikings.
It will be interesting to see where the Saints’ odds end up as they have a number of tough matchups for the rest of the season. That includes this week’s road game against the Cincinnati Bengals, and matches against the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers. The New Orleans Saints also have two games to play against the Carolina Panthers, the only team that can really give them a run for their money in the NFC South.

Super Bowl LIII Odds: Steelers, Chargers Also See Futures Boost

Other notable risers on the Super Bowl futures this week include the Steelers and the Los Angeles Chargers.
Left for dead by some after their 1-2-1 start, the Steelers have since won four straight to hit +1200 on the Super Bowl LIII odds. The Steelers will get another test this week against Carolina and have a few difficult matchups left in the regular season against the Chargers, Patriots and Saints.
The Chargers have flown under the radar for many fans and bettors, playing in the shadow of the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West. The Chargers have quietly won five straight to get up to +1400 on the futures. Eight wins in a row looks easy with their next three against the Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals. After that they’ll get to really prove themselves against the Steelers and Chiefs on the road.

Super Bowl LIII Odds: Ravens, Packers Falling Down the Futures

It was another losing week at the online sportsbooks for the Baltimore Ravens and the Green Bay Packers.
The Ravens were listed at +1800 on the Super Bowl futures three weeks ago but after three straight losses they’ve plummeted to +4500. The Ravens get a breather on the bye week before trying to rebound at home against Cincinnati. With road games remaining against the Chiefs and Chargers the Ravens might not even make the playoffs.
The Packers have also been in freefall, going from +2000 to their current spot at +5000. The Packers have won only one of their last four games and even that win was an unimpressive 33-30 victory over the San Francisco 49ers as a 9-point favorite.
The schedule makers didn’t do the Packers any favors either, as two of those losses were against the Rams and the Patriots. At 3-4-1, the Packers need to go on a run to get back into playoff contention. It’s possible with games against the Vikings and Bears remaining on their schedule, but both are on the road.