Super Bowl Odds Improving for the 2-0 Teams

One team from the NFC West has started the season 2-0, and surprisingly it’s not the Seattle Seahawks or the San Francisco 49ers. The Arizona Cardinals are perfect in the standings through the first two weeks of the 2014 NFL season, and that has them showing an improvement in the updated Super Bowl betting odds at the sportsbooks.
The Cardinals were listed at 40/1 on the Super Bowl online betting lines back on September 1, but after picking up consecutive victories over the San Diego Chargers and the New York Giants they’re up to 33/1 on that futures list. Arizona beat San Diego 18-17 as a 3-point favorite in Week 1 of the season, then topped the Giants by a score of 25-14 as a 2-point underdog in Week 2.
The Seahawks and Niners have both started the season out 1-1, with Seattle beating Green Bay but losing to San Diego, and San Francisco beating Dallas but falling to Chicago. Back on September 1 the Seahawks were at 6/1 and the Niners were at 8/1 on the Super Bowl lines at the sportsbooks; with their respective .500 starts to the season they’re now at 9/2 and 12/1 on that list.
Seattle’s 9/2 mark has them tied with the Denver Broncos for tops on the list; the Broncos, who are 2-0 on the season, will play on the road in Seattle in a Super Bowl rematch this Sunday afternoon – with the winner of that game likely taking over the top spot on the Super Bowl odds at the sportsbooks.
Five other teams have also started the season off 2-0 – the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, Philadelphia Eagles, and Carolina Panthers. Of those teams the Eagles and the Bengals hold down the top Super Bowl betting lines at 12/1 and 16/1, with the Panthers at 28/1, and the Texans at 33/1. The Bills, who were near the bottom at 100/1 on those championship futures on September 1, have moved up to 66/1 on the updated list.
Meanwhile, the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts have both started the season off 0-2, and have seen their Super Bowl odds drop. The Saints were at 9/1 on that futures list on September 1 but now hold down 18/1 odds, while Indianapolis has fallen from 22/1 on September 1 to 33/1. The Colts play another 0-2 team this weekend, the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are already way back at 500/1 on the Super Bowl betting lines.
The other teams who have started the season off at 0-2 are the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Oakland Raiders, with the Raiders joining the Jaguars at 500/1 on the updated Super Bowl odds. The Giants are down to 150/1 on that list, while the Chiefs and the Buccaneers sit with the longshots as well at 200/1.
Other notable Super Bowl odds heading into Week 3 of the season are the New England Patriots at 8/1, the Green Bay Packers at 12/1, the San Diego Chargers at 20/1, the Chicago Bears at 28/1, and both the Baltimore Ravens and the Detroit Lions at 40/1.