Super Bowl Online Betting: Possible Mirror Image Opponents for Each Title Contender

ERF-521_BOS_NFL_Futures_December 19 2013NFL teams don’t get to pick their opponent when playing in a Super Bowl. But in a hypothetical world, in which teams could, which would each 2013 contender prefer to face? Generally speaking, opposites don’t attract when deciding how to bet on the Super Bowl.
Look at the high-scoring Patriots, who have been upset in two of the past five NFL title games as big favorites on the Super Bowl point spread by a Giants team that was strong defensively. Clubs would rather face a team they are somewhat similar to because it makes game-planning easier.

Offense vs. Offense

Peyton Manning’s Broncos are the AFC favorites on the Super Bowl betting odds, but they were last year too before falling in the divisional round. The Broncos would feel comfortable playing any team whose identity is offense and not defense. With Manning having four tremendous receiving threats in Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas, Denver can outscore anyone that has a shaky defense.
Thus Denver’s best possible opponents at MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl online betting would be New Orleans, Detroit, Dallas or Philadelphia. Those four all rank in the Top 8 in the league in scoring, but the Cowboys and Eagles already have proven they can’t keep up with Manning. Denver beat Philadelphia 52-20 and Dallas 51-48 in back-to-back weeks. The Broncos would be sizable favorites on the Super Bowl lines against that NFC quartet.
Also worth adding to your Super Bowl betting tips: New England would fall into this category and prefer the same four NFC teams. To be fair, the Saints, Lions, Cowboys and Eagles also would prefer to face an offense-first club like Denver or New England too. They can all hope that Manning’s historical struggles in cold weather would come true again. New England, meanwhile, lost its two best defensive players, tackle Vince Wilfork and linebacker Jerod Mayo, to season-ending injuries.

Defense vs. Defense

It’s not to say that the teams in this grouping can’t score, but they aren’t built to light up the scoreboard like the teams listed above.
Seattle leads the NFL in total and passing defense and the NFC in scoring defense. It plays a smash-mouth style that is built to handle physical opponents and the weather. So why wouldn’t the Seahawks prefer a high-scoring team they could shut down as happened in Week 13’s blowout of New Orleans? Because the Seattle offense isn’t built to potentially have to rally from a big deficit or match a powerful offense if the defense has a bad day.
This can also be said of the 49ers, Panthers, Bengals, Colts, Chiefs and Ravens. This group would prefer a low-scoring slugfest as they believe their power will overwhelm the opponents’ physicality. In addition, only one quarterback in this group has won a Super Bowl, the Ravens’ Joe Flacco. These clubs would prefer to win with the running game and defense and let the quarterback be a game manager.
Should any of the seven teams in this grouping face off in the Super Bowl, it’s likely we would be looking at a low-scoring game on the Super Bowl odds. The lowest total set for a Super Bowl this century was 33 for XXXV on January 28, 2001, when Baltimore beat the Giants 34-7.