Before the excitement of kickoff, even before the thrill of the coin toss, there is another matter of betting importance – will the Super Bowl National Anthem prop go OVER or UNDER the time set by oddsmakers?

Betting on the length of the national anthem has evolved from a 50-50 fun bet to a wager where savvy bettors can actually handicap the Star Spangled Banner and make money off it.

Nowadays, as soon as the anthem singer is announced, bettors run to youtube to seek out any prior editions of the anthem that singer has performed. Maybe at an all-star game or pregame of another sport.

That’s the situation for the Super Bowl 54 national anthem prop, where Demi Lovato has at least four prior anthems to handicap and try to find a betting edge. As we note below, three of them went UNDER 2 minutes and one went OVER, which is probably why Bovada picked two minutes as the number (with the price favoring the OVER).

Perhaps the fact that she stretched out her most recent rendition – before the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight in August 2017 – to more than two minutes has influenced the betting line.

How Long Will It Take Demi Lovato To Sing The US National Anthem?

Over 2 Minutes -170
Under 2 Minutes +130
*From moment she sings first word until she completes saying Brave for the first time.

To see for yourself, we include some youtube links to her past performances.

Cowboys Seahawks 2008 – 1:53 – Video 
Game 5 2011 World Series – 1:49 – Video 
Game 4 2015 World Series – 1:57 – Video 
Mayweather-McGregor fight 2017 – 2:11 – Video 

National Anthem – Will Demi Lovato Be Wearing A Skirt, Dress Or Gown To Sing The US National Anthem?

Yes -240
No +165

National Anthem – Will Demi Lovato Forget Or Omit A Word From The National Anthem?

Yes +650
No -1400

National Anthem – Will Any Player Take A Knee During The National Anthem?

Yes +650
No -1400

National Anthem – Will Any Scoring Drive Take Less Time Than It Takes Demi Lovato To Sing The National Anthem?

Yes -170
No +130

Super Bowl 53 – Gladys Knight

What was the Gladys Knight national anthem betting controversy?

For Super Bowl 53, Gladys Knight was chosen and youtube offered up just a single previous version, which went quickly as about 1:35. That sparked a rush of early UNDER money. Other bettors theorized she might not linger with long notes because of the controversy surrounding her decision.

Others had declined to sing the anthem as a show of support for Colin Kaepernick’s dispute against the NFL.

Regardless, there was a range of times available to bet, some sportsbooks offering it as low as 1:45 and others as high as 1:50. Some books (such as had it as 1:47 and the unofficial time landed right on 1:47. To avoid any controversy, BetOnline made everyone a winner on that Super Bowl national anthem prop for Super Bowl 53.

Since pledges to present every possible shred of Super Bowl handicapping information, we put our youtube researchers on the case to listen to every single Super Bowl national anthem and to time them all. Except for Super Bowl II, we have them all in the most comprehensive (and possibly silly) listing of national anthem performers and times.

Check it out below and consult it during the next Super Bowl before placing your national anthem prop wager.

SB Anthem Singer Time
54 Demi Lovato 1.50
53 Gladys Knight 1.47
52 Pink 1:53
51 Luke Bryan 2:04
50 Lady Gaga 2:19
49 Idina Menzel 2:04
48 Renee Fleming 1:54
47 Alicia Keys 2:35
46 Kelly Clarkson 1:34
45 Christina Aguilera 1:53
44 Carrie Underwood 1:47
43 Jennifer Hudson 2:10
42 Jordin Sparks 1:54
41 Billy Joel 1:30
40 Aaron Neville & Aretha 2:09
39 US Military Choirs 1:53
38 Beyonce 2:09
37 Dixie Chicks 1:33
36 Mariah Carey 1:56
35 Backstreet Boys 1:49
34 Faith Hill 2:00
33 Cher 1:45
32 Jewel 1:27
31 Luther Vandross 1:53
30 Vanessa Williams 1:35
29 Kathy Lee Gifford 1:38
28 Natalie Cole 2:33
27 Garth Brooks 1:49
26 Harry Connick jr 2:07
25 Whitney Houston 1:56
24 Aaron Neville 1:31
23 Billy Joel 1:25
22 Herb Alpert 1:33
21 Neil Diamond 1:02
20 Wynton Marsalis 1:20
19 SF Bay Children Choirs 1:21
18 Barry Manilow 1:35
17 Leslie Easterbrook 1:28
16 Diana Ross 1:38
15 Helen O’Connell 1:22
14 Cheryl Ladd 1:22
13 The Colgate 13 1:19
12 Phyllis Kelly 1:28
11 Vicki Carr *God Bless America 2:00
10 Tom Sullivan 1:54
9 The Mardi Gras Chorus 1:22
8 Charley Pride 1:14
7 Little Angels Children Choir 1:12
6 Air Force Chorale 1:10
5 Tommy Loy 1:13
4 Doc Severinsen & Pat O’Brien 1:26
3 Lloyd Geisler (Symphony) 1:27
2 GSU Tiger Marching Band NA
1 Choirs, bands 1:16