Super Bowl parlays offer a terrific opportunity to generate bigger profits when you see ‘sure things’ on the vast Super Bowl betting menu. Many times, this involves props or special wagers that you can make for a bigger payout.

Bettors don’t usually settle for a single bet on the Super Bowl anyway when there are thousands of tempting props. Just parlaying two of them earns you a bigger payout (sometimes 2-1 odds or even closer to 3-1) and increases your fun in watching the game.


How do Super Bowl parlay bets work?

If you’re feeling confident in your betting skills, you might want to up the ante and start betting on multiple outcomes. When normal parlay betting, you can pick multiple games to bet on, combine them into one ticket. This combines the odds of each game, and results in a bigger payout than if you bet each game as a single bet. Some books will offer 2-1, others at 13-5.

When betting Super Bowl parlay tickets, you need to find two bets that you REALLY like and then put them together. Sometimes it feels difficult to pick even one outcome correctly, let alone two or three. While parlays are foiled from one incorrect pick, some sportsbooks will offer you back your initial bet if you have four of five parts of the parlay correct.

The difference between making two single bets or making a two-leg parlay is that the odds combine, and increase the value of the bet slip. Some sportsbooks offer 2.5/1 on a double bet parlay, and it can go up the more bets you add to your parlay slip.

If you place a $200 bet on a two-leg parlay, and win, you will look at $329 in winnings, plus your initial wager.

Three-leg parlays can pay out up to 6/1, and four-legs will usually end up paying out 12/1 odds. This is all based on -110 juice, so if the juice is higher or lower, your odds will be different. The more legs you have, the riskier the bet slip is, so you have to be careful to not get too carried away by getting greedy for a big payout.

While parlay bets on the Super Bowl are a bit different, due to the only two teams remaining in the NFL are playing against each other so you don’t have another game to bet on, you can place parlays on in-game events on most sportsbooks.

You could predict who will win each quarter of the Super Bowl and combine it into a four-leg parlay, or predict what team will win each half for a less risky, two-game parlay. There are plenty of options available.

Cross-sport betting is also fairly popular. There aren’t usually many games on the evening of the Super Bowl due to viewership, but you can combine a Super Bowl bet with a few bets from another sport. NBA and NHL games are popular options to combine with a Super Bowl bet to increase your risk and reward.