Super Bowl Futures

So you want to bet on next year’s Super Bowl before this one is even finished?

You can bet on Super Bowl futures all season long and lines usually get posted for the next season’s winner before the current champion is even crowned. Some people are confused by the ‘futures’ wording, but basically its just ‘odds to win the Super Bowl’ and that betting market is open all year long.

Typically, online sportsbooks post fresh ‘opening’ Super Bowl futures in the preseason. And then the odds change heading into the season as teams perform well or poorly. Their odds can get better or worse, depending on wins and losses and injuries and even how competitive the rest of the teams in their division are.

Why is Super Bowl futures betting profitable?

Placing a futures wager is a great way to keep the football money flowing all year long. It can be profitable. For example, the Seattle Seahawks were at 9/1 on the Super Bowl futures board after the 2013 NFL Draft and those who had faith were rewarded handsomely when they won their first championship in early 2014.

The risk with the futures market is that all 32 NFL teams are available on the Super Bowl betting odds list, at least until they’re eliminated from the playoffs. The chances of any one specific team emerging from this pack are fairly small.

Bettors also have to wait until the Super Bowl has concluded to get paid. That makes a futures bet a longer-term investment than a standard single-game wager.

Any bet on the Super Bowl futures market should therefore be kept relatively small. This also gives you the opportunity to bet on your favorite team to win the Super Bowl, just for fun.

If you’re more interested in profit, those who give out shrewd Super Bowl betting tips know that the best value on the Super Bowl futures market isn’t with the top favorites or the long shots, but the teams in between who still have a realistic chance of winning.

You’ll find even more futures bets available on who will win the NFL’s two conferences and its six divisions, up until the point those champions are determined. Choose wisely, and the futures market can be a great addition to your Super Bowl betting experience.

Future Odds

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