Texans jump to value bet range, Chiefs still tops

If you are a Houston Texans fan and want to bet your team at long-shot odds, it might be time to place your wager now.
Just a few weeks ago, Houston was 66-1 on Super Bowl 55 futures list, but they sit at 45-1 as of today. What made the oddsmakers shorten Houston’s odds? Maybe its just the realization that this is a talented roster with a top-level QB in Deshaun Watson and a solid new receiver in Brandin Cooks.
Whatever the reason, your chance to bet the Texans at 66-1 is gone and if you don’t act quick, that 45-1 might be gone too.
Seattle also moved up slightly, to 18-1 from 20-1.
The top pick continued to be the Kansas City Chiefs at 6-1, with the defending regular-season champion Baltimore Ravens next at +650.
The Niners, Saints and Tom Brady-led Bucs (still weird to type that) are the next three choices as the NFC reps in Super Bowl 55. Brady’s old team is 12-1 as the sixth choice.
If you believe in miracles, the Jacksonville Jaguars are 200-1 while three teams – the Washington Whatever They Are Calleds, Cincinnati Bengals and Carolina Panthers – all sit at 150-1.

Super Bowl 55 Futures

Kansas City Chiefs +600
Baltimore Ravens +650
San Francisco 49ers +900
New Orleans Saints +1000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000
New England Patriots +1200
Dallas Cowboys +1500
Seattle Seahawks +1800
Indianapolis Colts +2000
Buffalo Bills +2200
Green Bay Packers +2200
Philadelphia Eagles +2200
Pittsburgh Steelers +2200
Cleveland Browns +3000
Los Angeles Chargers +3000
Minnesota Vikings +3000
Atlanta Falcons +3500
Chicago Bears +4000
Tennessee Titans +4000
Arizona Cardinals +4500
Houston Texans +4500
Las Vegas Raiders +5500
Denver Broncos +6000
Los Angeles Rams +6000
Detroit Lions +7500
Miami Dolphins +8000
New York Giants +12500
New York Jets +12500
Carolina Panthers +15000
Cincinnati Bengals +15000
Washington Football Team +15000
Jacksonville Jaguars +20000