Professional handicappers will spend countless hours studying the Big Game, but none of that hard work will help them with the most popular Super Bowl prop bet: the result of the pregame coin toss that determines which team will start with the ball. Maybe that’s why it’s so popular, that or the simplicity of the entire situation which makes betting on it easy. Regardless the logistics of the situation are thrilling to any online sports bettor.

Or maybe it’s because the revered coin-toss ceremony has become the unofficial “start” of the football game itself, and therefore has taken its rightful place atop the list of Super Bowl props. Either way, the Super Bowl Coin Toss prop bet should be made for entertainment purposes only.

Ways to bet the Coin Toss

Will the Coin Toss be Heads or Tails?
Heads –105
Tails –105

Who Will Win the Coin Toss?
Team A –105
Team B –105

If you were to make a $100 bet on this Super Bowl prop every year for the next 100 years, you would expect to win 50 times and lose 50 times, for a deficit of $250. That’s why the Coin Toss prop should only be made for fun.

And since this is a true 50/50 proposition with little risk to the sportsbook, Bovada only charges –105 juice instead of the standard –110.