Where Can I Bet on Super Bowl 54?

Betting on the Super Bowl is the one wager each year that everyone needs to make. No other sporting event has so much hype where everyone knows the teams, everyone knows the Super Bowl betting line and everyone needs at least one bet on the game. Usually two or three of them. And with so much demand, there is so much competition for that betting dollar and one overriding question: where is the best place to bet on the Super Bowl? Not everyone has a betting account and not everyone has a ton of time to research legit sportsbooks. We spend the whole year focusing on honest and unbiased Super Bowl sportsbook reviews so that you know where to go on this important day.

Betting On Super Bowl 54

Or Super Bowl LIV if you like Roman numerals. Super Bowl 54 betting is expected to break records at Las Vegas sportsbooks again this year, after the amount of money bet slipped to $146 million for Super Bowl 53. It had eclipsed $149 million in 2018. And American Gaming Association estimates put the overall figure at nearly $5 billion worldwide. So where is the best place to bet on Super Bowl 54? That depends on where you live and whether you wish to place your Super Bowl coin toss wager at a casino or at an online sportsbook. If you are lucky enough to be in Las Vegas for Super Bowl 54, you can check out the best Las Vegas sportsbooks for Super Bowl betting. If you are lucky enough to be in Miami for Super Bowl 54 or if you are watching from home with dozens of your closest friends, you’ll probably be betting online. Our research points to these places as the best Super Bowl betting sites.

How Can I Bet on Super Bowl 54?

There are literally thousands of ways to bet on Super Bowl 54, and you can bet on Super Bowl futures at any time during the year. But there are a few wagers that almost every fan will make on Game Day. 1. Which team will win? 2. Who will win the Super Bowl coin toss? 3. What are some fun Super Bowl props?

Super Bowl point spread – one team will be favored by a certain number of points, one team will be the underdog by the same number of points. Pick one team to win and ‘cover the Super Bowl spread.’

Super Bowl Coin Toss – yes, it’s a 50-50 chance, but maybe heads will be favored. You can always bet on which team will win the toss and if the team that calls it will get it right.

Super Bowl Props – everything from the over-under on National Anthem odds to which song will be performed first during the Super Bowl Halftime Show to who will win the Super Bowl MVP and literally thousands of bet types in between.

Finding a Sportsbook

While we can recommend plenty of sportsbooks, it’s ultimately your decision when selecting a sportsbook. We aim to provide a brief review of what you might experience at each sportsbook. Many sign up at a popular sportsbook but run into issues, or the sportsbook just isn’t what they’re looking for. We aim to be as transparent as we can be with our reviews, combing the fine print and providing you all the details we can, including deposit options, bonus requirements and customer service evaluations.

There are plenty of online sportsbooks, but we have hand-picked a few that are worthwhile checking out. The first thing a bettor should do before setting up an online sportsbook account is read our sportsbook reviews and determine which sportsbook is available in their region or country, as some have restrictions. Then check out their deposit options and ensure the method you were planning on using to make your deposit is available at that sportsbook. Next, if you’re looking for a bonus, ensure you’re getting the most value, and review the rollover requirements, because if you do not fulfill the requirements by a certain date, your entire bonus can be forfeited.

We look at all of the aspects of every sportsbook, so you don’t have to. This should make the rest of your Super Bowl betting experience much easier.

Selecting a Wager Type

With all of the different betting types and options available, it can be hard to decide on which bet(s) you want to place on Super Bowl Sunday. When you choose to bet on the Super Bowl online, you have access to some of the best Super Bowl odds and betting lines in the industry, so choosing a bet from the thousands of options can be a challenge. For beginners, straight up bets can be appealing. Moneyline bets, Totals and Point Spreads can be appealing due to their simplicity. Intermediate and advanced bettors look to props, exotics, teasers and parlays, which require a little more analysis and know-how.

Check out our betting guide for detailed descriptions of each betting type.

Super Bowl Odds

Super Bowl betting odds are the most important piece in regards to your Super Bowl wager. If you predict the favorite, and they win, it’s likely that you won’t win much, so it’s important to look at the odds, and see how you can use them to your advantage. Odds can move several times leading up to the Super Bowl, depending on how the public is betting, so if you see odds that you believe are a lock, add them to your bet slip and hit Bet Now. Otherwise, you can wait, as odds fluctuate and can lean in your advantage closer to game time.

Our odds page pulls competitive odds from the top online sportsbooks in the industry, and displays them all in one place, to make line shopping a bit easier for your Super Bowl bets.

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